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Due to the often unique structural and biochemical properties of seaweed, their utilisation by humans has occured for centuries. In modern times, the seaweed industry provides a wide range of products that are estimated to have a total annual value of US$5.5-6 billion, with food products for human consumption contributing to about US$ 5 billion of this […]

A brief overview of salmon aquaculture The aquaculture of fish has a long history as a major source of food for humans, and has been practiced worldwide for centuries. Its origins are thought to be in Asia, with China being regarded as the ‘ancestral home of aquaculture’. While aquaculture in general, is still dominated by […]

The ocean contains a vast and significantly unexplored diversity of life and therefore represents a vast untapped resource that has the potential to be utilised in a variety of fields. Marine biotechnology is defined as the application of scientific and engineering principles to the processing of materials obtained from marine biological agents, to provide goods and […]

China plans to vastly increase its yearly fishing of Antarctic krill. The country currently harvests about 32,000 metric tons of krill annually from Antarctica’s waters, topped by only Norway and South Korea. Under China’s plans, detailed in a March 4 story in the state-run China Daily, the world’s most populous country would increase those catches 30 […]